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Module 1 Batteries
Module 2 Wiring
Module 3 Engines
Module 4 Lightning
Module 5 DC Systems
Module 6 Electronics
Module 7 Radios
Module 8 Water
Module 9 HVAC
Module 10 AC Power


The marine electrical school blog

Read the Marine Electrical School Blog

The Marine Electrical School is all about what is making the news in the marine electrical and electronics world.

It is current and relevant to students and also has useful and practical information. Keep up to date with the marine electrical and electronics blog, the most current marine web-blog on the net!

Bookmark this blog page for further marine technology updates! All you need to know

BOOK NEWS - The Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible

My first book The Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible is now sold out. This book started off in 1993 and has undergone several updates and revisions and now I am working on a new and revised edition for release in early 2007. Thanks to everyone for all the support, feedback and buying the book. Watch out for the new and improved edition, current radio frequencies and technologies that affect you and your boat


The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has announced the NMEA Industry award winners. And the winners are:

Autopilot - Simrad AP25 Series VF AutopilotFish Finding - Furuno FCV585Radar - Furuno Navnet VX2 18/19x4 SeriesCommunication - ICOM America M504Entertainment - KVH Tracvision M3Navigation - Raymarine E120 w/Platinum Cartography & RS125

The Winners of the 2006 NMEA Marine Specialty Awards are:

First Place - Navonics Platinum Electronic ChartsSecond Place - Simrad WR20 Remote Commander

2006 NMEA Best of Show is the Raymarine Ray Tech 6.0.

Winner of the 2006 NMEA Technician of the Year Award is Mark Mitchell, who is employed by Paradise Marine of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Annual IBEX Awards for Innovation

There were 10 awards given but the following electrical and electronics related are summarised. The awards are sponsored by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and the judging is by Boating Writers International (BWI).

Electrical Systems And the winner is….? PowerSign from Paneltronics PowerSign is a multiplexed system that gives intelligent power distribution and management for DC loads. This allows complete control and monitoring of all electrical systems from single or remote location. The system consists of 4 components: these are the switches; the power distribution units; the graphical user interfaces and the interconnecting communications wiring. The power distribution units are able to identify the connected equipment being used, and then energize this based on a specific time delay curve.

Mechanical Systems And the winner is…? The Air Fusion Thermoelectric Environmental Control made by Heater Craft. Rather unique in that this is the only air conditioning system without a seawater circulation requirement to operate. The system passes electricity through a thermal heat exchanger that also circulates glycol. The glycol then carries the heat or cold energy to a core and fan assembly. The energy is then transferred to cool the space. It has no moving parts and can output up to 10,000 BTUs of heat and 8,000 BTUs of cold energy. Rather clever development and look forward to understanding this one better.

OEM Electronics and Electrical Systems This went to Sea-Fire Marine for the Sea-Fire Control Panel. An integrated system that monitors fire, heat, smoke and carbon monoxide levels. When alarms activate the centralised system performs required shutdowns such as engine stop, fuel cutoff, vent and damper closure etc. Big ship technology for smaller boats.

Outboard Engines One award went to Torqeedo Travel from Torqeedo GmbH and the other to Suzuki, for the DF 300 4-stroke Outboard Motor. The Torqeedo electric outboard is unique. It has a 6 pound lithium manganese battery, and this can be simply and easily lifted out of the motor. This can then be easily recharged ready for the next outing. The unit is collapsible, very easily assembled, and weighs in at just 25 pounds.

Welcome to the Marine Electrical School

Silva - Southampton Boat Show Electronics Seminars

Silva will run a series of informal seminars on navigation at the Southampton Boat Show. These talks are to help racing sailorsand will take place at the Silva exhibitor booth on stand GO52. Each presentation lasts 30 minutesfollowed by that most valuable session of question and answer period.

The schedule is as follows

16 Sep: Sail Design — representative from North Sails

17 Sep: Sails and Electronic Interaction — Kevil Sproul, MD of Evström Sobstad

19 Sep: Steering by the Needle — Adrian Gray of Silva Ltd

20 Sep: Sail Design Techniques — Ruairidh Scott of Elvström Sobstad

21 Sep: Navigation in the Computer Age — Peter Scholfield of Seatrack

22 Sep: Deciding your Offshore Race strategy — Campbell Field of Expedition

23 Sep: Sail Design — Shane Hughes of North Sails

B&G; Southampton Boat Show Electronics Seminars

B&G; are hosting two free seminars at the Southampton Boat Show in the Hospitality Suit 3, on Friday 22nd Sept aimed at helping all sailors efficiently utilise their electronics. They will also have a 'Know Your Numbers', a course to help the racing yachtsman effectively use their instrument system, this is at 10.30am. The 'Electronics Onboard', outlines the choices of systems available and helps you choose the correct electronics package, will start at 12pm.

Fires – Are They Electrical Fires

The most common cause of fires in unattended boats are electrical ones. There have been plenty of incidents lately and you must isolate the electrical power going to the engine starter motor. What often happens is that water condensation and dirt forms a path and the voltage eventually tracks to ground and if enough current flows and heat generates you get a fire

1. Boat owners were evacuated from a Southampton UK marina after a fire broke out in the engine room of a 32ft yacht.

2. Another yacht caught fire on the River Dart in Devon, UK. And the fire was in the in the engine room,

3. In Sydney Australia several yachts were damaged after a motor vessel caught fire on the marina

Safety for People

The MOBi-lert 720i is a a waterproof personal transmitter (PTX) that is attached to your to clothes with a lanyard or clip. If there is any break in transmission between their PTX and the boat, such as going overboard or caused by immersion in sea water, this automatically generates an alarm. It is designed for boats up to 45ft., MOBilarm Ltd, www.mobilert.com

New TracNet 100 Mobile Internet System

A new TracNet 100 Mobile Internet System with MSN TV service from KVH and MSN TV division has been launched in the US for boats, cars and RVs. This offers equivalent high-speed internet access as home systems for mobile units throughout the US. The service uses high-speed Verizon Wireless EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) cellular service, and the TracNet 100 provides access to MSN TV internet services displayed on video screens and TVs in cars, boats, and Rvs. KVH's custom web portals for mobile users are also directly accessible from the MSN TV home page, and an integrated WiFi system that supports multiple users and devices turns the unit into a mobile hotspot. Great stuff if you want to stay plugged in. I do


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) in the UK has started the testing of a new marine safety system that uses the Iridium satellite network. If the trials come up successful the intent is to install the system on the entire fleet of 128 offshore lifeboats and their 208 inshore lifeboats are the United Kingdom, Ireland and Channel Islands. Keep up to date with the Marine Electrical School Blog.


US electrical connector manufacturer Deutsch has just become the first company to meet the US The American Boat and Yacht Council's E-11 specification. This entails voltage temperature and moisture ingress. Deutsch electrical connectors are rated to 170°C and to a minimum of the IP67 ingress protection as part of the European EN60529 standard for harsh environments. Sunseeker have been part of this effort and will standardize Deutsch's waterproof electrical connectors on bilge applications on all boats within the range. Keep up to date with the Marine Electrical School Blog.


UK company Marine Electronic Services (MES) has acquired Golden Arrow Marine Electronics. Both offer marine electronics distribution and installation. Keep up to date with the Marine Electrical School Blog.


The German classification society Germanischer Lloyd (GL) has developed a new certification scheme for yachts and recreational craft of up to 24m (79ft) in length. One salient point is that the new rules expand on current mandatory EC certification requirements that are defined within the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) with increased safety provisions. Keep up to date with the Marine Electrical School Blog.


The Moritz Aerospace, Inc. company which is a subsidiary of Carling Technologies, Inc. has launched the OctoPlex™ Shipboard Multiplexed Power Management and Monitoring System. This offers intelligent monitoring and control of boat systems, as well as provide total control of all AC and DC circuit protection from any location. Interestingly this enables remote mounted circuit breaker panels which optimizes cabling. The system software is also capable of updating as each new NMEA 2000 component is installed. Keep up to date with the Marine Electrical School Blog.


Lewmar launched the world's smallest electric winch, the L34 as part of the new Stretch Winch range and designed for small sailboats in the range 9.8m-12.2m (32ft-40ft) in length, and available in manual and electric versions. Keep up to date with the Marine Electrical School Blog.


The EPS Silent Thruster from Van Den Velden Marine Systems (VETUS) of the Netherlands was the overall winner of the Design at METS awards. I have had a lot to do with thrusters in the commercial maritime world and have a thruster on my own boat. The innovation starts with the elimination of the traditional arrangement of a central hub and gearbox. The new design features exchangeable blades connected to an outer ring. This floats on ceramic bearings and is powered by an integral electrical motor in the casing. Keep up to date with the Marine Electrical School Blog.


The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) gave IBEX Innovation Awards to Auto Anchro Systems for a Panel Mounted anchor Rode-Counter system. Mercury Marine's Shadow Technology Digital Throttle & Shift system also won an award. Another very interesting product was the AvXcel Inc. TropiKool 40 marine refrigerator which uses a reverse Stirling cycle engine and natural refrigerants that include helium and carbon dioxide and it has just two moving parts. Blue Sea Systems Dual Circuit Plus Battery Switch won the Electrical Systems Category and this simplifies switching between two battery banks. Keep up to date with the Marine Electrical School Blog.

John C Payne

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